Black and Decker Dustbuster Here!

Black and Decker Dustbuster

The Black and Decker dustbuster is a tried and true mini-vacuuming wonder. Compared to many other hand-held vacs on the market, this particular brand is known for good performance and reliability. No matter which model you decide on, it has great suction and often with wireless power at 9.6 volts or more it makes a quick clean-up of small spills, pet hair, and other little messes that happen in most busy households.

What makes the Black and Decker dustbuster better than many of its competitors is the fact that they are relatively light but still get the job done. If you upgrade to the highest voltage dust-buster that they make, you can get 18 volts of pure suction power to clean up some of the nastiest spills. Model PHV1800Cb has a pivoting head to get into small spaces and gets a big thumb’s up from the leading consumer reviews, including review magazines; this particular model as well as several others of the slightly higher grade also have cyclonic action to keep the filters cleaner for longer and the suction strong even after you’ve already picked up a large amount of trash. Add all that to the fact that it is cordless, and you couldn’t be happier with a portable vacuum. Use it in your kitchen, your car, even in hard to reach places like top shelves and the deep recesses of your closets.

The Black and Decker dustbuster comes in a variety of price ranges too. You can find them for as little as $17.99 and for as much as $120.00. The higher-end dust-busters are Energy Star compliant as well as cordless and excellent at picking up pet hair. You can also find lower-priced handheld vacs from Black and Decker that will pick up both wet and dry messes, and still others that are bag-less. No matter your price range, you can find an affordable vacuum that will do the work you need it to – like they always say, you need the right tools for the right job.

Finally, almost every Black and Decker dustbuster you purchase, new and still in its package, from just about any retailer, come with a warranty. It is ideal to purchase the highest voltage that you can; however, to ensure that you are not disappointed with the results. Lower voltage dust-busters are only meant to pick up the occasional scrap of paper or dust ball, but if you will be using it all day, every day, then do yourself a favor and get the models closer to the $30 and up range to ensure that you can pick up pet hair and other larger debris particles. Charge it completely and make sure to send it straight back to the charging station when you are through vacuuming, and you should have no trouble with your Black and Decker dustbuster.

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